TQ Carbon v1

TQ Carbon v1

TestQuad Carbon version 1.

After several crashes with AlduxHexa, and the extra parts for repairing it… I had excess material to build a quad, so, I did.

Excess Tarot parts

The parts come from Tarot, so, its very close to a Tarot 650…

Beauty shot
Beauty shot

I’m currently using this vehicle to test navigation algorithms using a companion computer, a Raspberry Pi 2.

Before doing the tests of autonomous scripts for the iMechE UAS Grand Challenge, this scripts were tested in this vehicle, ergo Test Quad. It performs beautiful.



3 thoughts on “TQ Carbon v1

  1. Was that the Mission Planner software you had on the phone? Did you run a script on the Pi to tell Mission Planner to hover for 10 seconds and then land? Is this how one would go about doing stuff like blob detection (using say, OpenCV) and then fly toward the blob?

    1. The app I was using is droidplanner for android… And I scripted a mission on the Pi using DroneAPI (now dronekit) that sends commands to the pixhawk… and yes, with this one you could potentially do opencv applications onboard the rpi and send commands to the pixhawk, I’m actually doing it now. cheers!

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