Robot arm writing the Torah

Robot arm writing the Torah

When Tania and me traveled to Berlin this Feb for a conference called Transmediale, we had some time to do tourist stuff, so, we went to the Judisches museum.

Overall the museum is great, but what really caught my attention was a KUKA robotic arm writing the entire Torah…

The idea behind this installation, was to make a industrial robot write the Torah at human speed. The robot is equipped with a pen nib and ink and it wrote the entire five books of Moses on 80 meters of paper, using 304,805 hebrew letters.

torah arm front

The name of the installation was cool… BIOS [torah].

and of course it refers to the basic input/output system on which all computer’s programs build.

As an elementary component of computer technology, the BIOS is fundamental to the development of machines – just as Scripture is fundamental to the cultural history of human beings.

Here is a small video of the robot in action:


And this is a small gallery of the installation:



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