Retractable landing gear

Retractable landing gear

AlduxHexa got a little update today!

I had a small hard landing the other day due to wind conditions (Scotland weather as usual…), so I was in the necessity to buy some extra parts and I decided to get some electric retractable landing gear set, from Tarot, the same company that made AlduxHexa’s frame. This company make really nice carbon fibre parts BTW…

Hexa in my legs with landing
Hexa in my legs with landing

The landing gear is not very expensive, its easy to install (fit my Tarot Iron Man 680 very nicely).


  • Cheap
  • Easy fit with several 650-690 frames
  • Secure fit


  • Servo cable is thin and short
  • Motors appear they cannot carry to much weight (to be proven…)
  • A bit of “play” when moving the arm, looseness…

It works like a normal/regular servo, I have them hooked up to my gear port on my 9XR, so, anytime I hit the gear switch they will fold or unfold.

Here is the video of the new landing part in action:

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