Pilot Point of View

Pilot Point of View

While I was waiting for some parts of my hexacopter to come (GPS post and similar stuff) I removed the dust of my 500mm quadcopter, AlduxQuad.

I use all my batteries, so lots of flight time, for AlduxQuad I have:

  • 4 x 2200 mah 3S 30-40C
  • 3300 mah 3S 60-70C
  • 4500 mah 3S 20-40C (the less powerful I have)

I removed all the heavy stuff, making AlduxQuad super agile and fast, also I added some nice LED stripes to know the direction of the quadcopter while flying very high and always know the reference.

So, in this video, I put the GoPro in my mouth, using my teeth 😛

You can see the quadcopter doing a dance, by just yawing a lot and trying to keep the altitude, easy and fun stuff!


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