Hexacopter carrying FLIR Camera

Hexacopter carrying FLIR Camera

AlduxHexa, my hexacopter build was created (at the beginning) with the sole purpose of carrying this 2.8 kilogram infrared camera.

Flying FLIR B620
Flying FLIR B620

My business partner Ifeanyi manage to get this B series in order for us to do some tests and some shots inside the West Quadrangle at the University of Glasgow.

In order to be able to fly carrying this massive payload, this hexacopter build was built with 740kv – 500watts BLDC and 13in carbon fibre propellers, carbon frame and lots of extra fancy stuff. The real deal.

The camera specifications are as follows:

  • Sensitivity 40 mK @ + 30 °C
  • IFOV 0.65 mrad
  • FOV 24° × 18° / 0.3 m
  • Temperature range –40°C to +120°C
  • Accuracy ±2°C or ±2% of reading

FLIR B620 is a high performance infrared inspection system specially developed for building applications including automatic humidity and insulation defects alarm. With its state of the art technology including a 640×480 detector it produces sharp detailed images. Its unique ergonomic design makes it convenient to work with during inspections. The camera is equipped with the standard 24° lens.

The results:

Research and partnership is still and ongoing process. Ask us for any doubt you got.

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