Glitch in the system!

Glitch in the system!

I’m in the current process of training my ESN using real data coming from the tuple

('raspberry pi', ',multiWii', 'matlab-simulink', 'MoCap')

But, as usual, there is problems… What can you expect? nothing is perfect.

My current hypothesis is that the rpi is losing wifi connection for a very short period of time, causing the python code to save ‘garbage data’ that then Matlab interprets it a NaN (not a number)… and ergo the glitches.

Thats why I’m asking to the IT guys at┬ámy university if they can put a special router only for the MAST Lab… lets see if they deliver.

Pro Tip: Do not use EDURAM for sending/receiving at high rates UDP packages… or the gods of the glitches will punish you.

glitch large

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