Flying in Scotland

Flying in Scotland

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Scotland needless to say is an awesome and beautiful place. I love living here, and its one of my favorite places in the world!!! Just take a look at this picture I took from Beinn Narnain (a mountain in the southern Highlands of Scotland, near Arrochar):



That does not mean is a ideal place to fly/test MRUAV’s…

There is 365 days in a year and 4 seasons throughout the year. This DOES NOT apply in Scotland.

In some days you can have the entire 4 seasons in a couple of hours, and this is not a joke! 15 min of rain, 10 of sun light, 20 of snow and so forth…

I’ve being here for like close to 3 years, and of course I fly, or try to fly all the time, and weather is not my friend.

This type of weather conditions make me crash a lot… Also I learn a lot about “handling” wind gusts and lots of similar weather stuff, making it 10 times more difficult than for example, flying in Mexico, hehehe.

Handling rain sometimes is not a great deal, if you FC, GPS and battery are properly protected (not exposed) then you can fly with a bit of drizzle.

Wet conditions while flying
Wet conditions while flying (photo by Tania Ortega)
  • Camera: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL
  • Focal length: 43mm
  • ISO: 400
  • Shutter speed: 1/25s
Wet tablet and radio
Wet tablet and radio

The main problem is about wind gusts… Scotland is windy…

I have tried my hexacopter with winds of speed 25kph and I can fly it safely. The problem is that after 10 meters of altitude, the wind gusts can be very different, they might be slower or faster. This makes loiter mode or auto mode to do crazy stuff and of course, crash.

This is my latest crash.

It’s a bit depressing every time you need to rebuild your vehicle due to a weather crash. But, don’t you worry…



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