Drone Color Tracking

Drone Color Tracking

This is about some experiments I’m doing using python and openCV and of course one of my drones… In this case the drone used for taking the videos, was my hexacopter (Alduxhexa).

The point is to explore different techniques and algorithms to track colours, objects and the follow them using a multicopter.

In the next video you will see my hexacopter flying with a GoPro pointing always down (to the ground). I want to be able to identify colours on the ground.

The code is available here.

openCV is a library of programming functions mainly aimed at real-time computer vision.

I’m using a HSV (hue-saturation-lightness) range of “whites” and then I use the function “inRange” to then get an region of possible color, if this region is large enough, then I marked and I can say the color has being found. The explanation could be more complex from what I just described, but its better to keep things simple.

In the code on my github, you can see other different examples, like face tracking, motion detection and even object detection, be sure to check them out!

AlduxHexa with a GoPro
AlduxHexa with a GoPro

Thanks to Murray for the above awesome photo of my hexacopter.

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