CV on video stream

CV on video stream

This short demonstration/video is about how to use one of my simple, yet powerful, computer vision scripts to detect a color, but in this case, the video is going to be coming from a wireless camera.


On the above diagram, you can see how is everything connected.

The QX10 has the capability to send stream of JPEGs to a device connected to the wireless network this camera creates when its turned on.

To access this stream you need to read and use the API supplied by Sony and its now always very clear… But I managed (after a few attempts) to read the stream using python and openCV, and then a quick modification to one of my scripts, you can find the code here.


I did a small video doing a demo of this script. In this script the target is to find the color green and put a box around it.

The most important part (for me, anyhow) is to check the times of the transmission and the detection of the color. This is the latency… If you pause the video when I’m displaying the iPhone in both screens (one the real and the other one the transmitted image), then we can see that the latency of the stream is around 0.3-0.5 seconds, in average 0.4 seconds. Is not that bad actually.

Check the video, and leave your comments.


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