TEGO Micro quad

TEGO Micro quad

This is a quadrotor build intended for making quick tests and flights of FC, so far this cool and nice quad has tested 3 different FC…

Its a PCB frame, 250mm from rotor to rotor, the ESC are directly welded to it, and it contains:

  • Turnigy T1811 (2900kv) brushless motor
  • Turnigy ESC 6 amps
  • 5×3 props
  • 1500mah NanoTech LiPo

TEGO v1 2

In the flight controller department I have succesfully tested:

  • NanoWii
  • MW and Megapirate AIO
  • MicroWii ATMEGA32UA

Its really easy to crash it if your PID settings are not correctly fixed on the FC… Always remembet to use the GUI of MultiWii.

I have broken the arms in several occasions, but a little bit of cyanoacrylate does the work for it 😉

Its a nice frame, easy to build, and cheap.