Hirobo GPH 346

Hirobo GPH 346

Since I was really young I always wanted to have and fly a radio controlled (RC) helicopter, but of course, it was reallly really expensive, and super difficult to get for a 11 year old boy… so, for years I waited and saved money… When I was close to 17 or 18 (I don’t really remember) I was able to get enought money to buy my first helicopter.

I bought it in mercadolibre.com, a service very similar to eBay, of course it was used, but in very nice condition.

RC helicpoters are model aircraft which are distinct from RC airplanes because of the differences in construction, aerodynamics, and flight training. Several basic designs of RC helicopters exist, of which some (such as those with collective pitch, meaning blades which rotate on their longitudinal axis to vary or reverse lift so the pitch can be altered and can therefore change the angle of attack) are more maneuverable than others. The more maneuverable designs are often harder to fly, but benefit from greater aerobatic capabilities.

I buy a HIROBO GPH 346, with a nitro engine (not to be confused with gas, or gasoline powered helicopters) have been made in several sizes over the years. These are referred to as the “class” of the helicopter. They include 1/2A class, 15 class, 30 class, 50 class, 60 class and 90 class. These class numbers originated from the size of engine (engine displacement measured in cubic inches) used in the different models. For example, a helicopter with a .30 cubic inch engine is a “30 class” and a helicopter with a .90 cubic inch engine was referred to as a “90 class” helicopter. The bigger and more powerful the engine, the larger the main rotor blade that it can turn and hence the bigger the aircraft overall. Typical flight time for nitro helicopters is 7–15 minutes depending on the engine size and tuning. The GPH 346, had a OS 46FX-H engine, so 46 class.

I started by hovering it, only lifting it from the ground like 5-10 centimeters, like the one showed on the slideshow…

Unfortunately, I crashed a couple of times… and that was enough to don’t have enough money to buy replacement parts 🙁

Its super difficult to try to flight one of this things… hahahaha