First automatic flight

First automatic flight

Mmmmm, how to begin????…. Well, simply by saying that this is my first flight doing waypoint navigation…


Waypoints are sets of coordinates that identify a point in physical space. Waypoints located on the surface of the Earth are usually defined in two dimensions (e.g., longitude and latitude). GPS systems are increasingly used to create and use waypoints in navigation of all kinds. A typical GPS receiver can locate a waypoint with an accuracy of three meters.

Having said that, I configured a set of waypoints to AlduxQuad and did a test. For security reasons, I did it in a parking lot that is usually with no cars, the only problem is that is close to a heliport, hehehe, I waited to the last aircraft to take off, and start to fly.

I did 3 successful tests, when Alduxquad was completing the last one, I hear a voice of a person (helicopter pilot) telling me I couldn’t fly there, in a very cool and proper manner,┬áso I removed the auto feature and start to get it down to land it, but to be honest I was a little nervous, hehehe, so I lost the reference of the quad (nooooooobbbbbbbbb) and did a rough landing.

But apart from everything it was a successful test.