Angry dog vs Alduxquad

Angry dog vs Alduxquad

It was a beautiful day in sunny Glasgow… So, the buddies at the office decided to go to have lunch at the park, after that, Harry decided to go to the river with his beautiful bitch Kaya (let me enfatize that Kaya is not the angry dog) so, I naturally took the quad and did a wee flight over the Kelvin river… Of course several mistakes happen that day, and the worst of them is that I “pressed” the record button on the GoPro…

So, this guy in the river was taking care of several dogs, and one particular dog (the actual angry dog) noticed when I started flying and he started barking, I tough that it was going to be a problem… Eventually Harry remove his footwear and socks and went to river to make a magnificent catch of my flying quad!! (thanks for that dude!!!) saving my quad from a tasty bite and the dog of getting “bit” by propellers.

Murray was able to take this wee video of the “angry dog”, thanks for that and for sharing mate!

Unfortunately the GoPro didn’t record anything :§

Harry took one for the team and had to receive a tetanus shot because he step into something when he was on the river, ouch.