Altitude test

Altitude test

Pues bueno… lets do a altitude test, I wanted cool pictures of my surroundings and of course test the limits of AlduxQuad, so, I did a couple of flights just with the idea of flight high 🙂

I was using the “position hold” mode, this mode automatically attempts to maintain the current location (based on GPS), heading (magnetometer) with manual throttle control. Wind gusts, PID’s setup and sensors will affect the effectiveness of maintaining position.

This mode relies on the GPS which must be ON and indicating that is locked before takeoff. The heading can be altered with the yaw control stick.

On the first flight I was able to raise it up to 117 meters, I did this on the parking lot of the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) because that place is always deserted on weekdays.

On the second flight I got to… better watch the video 😉 But on this video I change location due to the parking lot of the SECC was very close to a Heliport, and one helicopter pilot told I couldn’t fly there. The location I choose was the parking lot of the Riverside Transport museum and Tall Ship. I got a very strange behaviour, that I’m still trying to figure it out why it happen, at the highest point, the motors stopped, and AlduxQuad started falling… see the video for the exciting footage.