About Altax

Altax Unmanned Systems Consultancy is a firm dedicated to share our expertise and knowledge to help Unmanned Systems Business attain their goals and solve problems. In a more general sense, we are individuals with vast knowledge and experience in the Unmanned Systems Industry.takeoff

Altax was founded in early 2014. However, the team had worked on the development of numerous different types of aircraft for many years before the foundation. This combination of skills from a wide range of areas has been, and continues to be, our formula for success. Our objective is to develop and manufacture Unmanned Aerial Systems of under 25kg. Our drones embody quality, which is reflected by the products we make. That is one reason why our customers trust our UAS solutions.

Altax designs, develops and manufactures advanced small unmanned aerial systems, widely used in many different fields, applications and industries across the globe. Our products offer best-in-class features, performance and affordability along with the best looks in the business.

We proud ourselves in our expertise in scientific projects and research work, when being able to have an overall overview is of critical importance.
Altax underlines its quality with technologically advanced UAV aerial platforms. Moreover, we draw on many years of valuable experience from multi-faceted and complex project work with high-profile partners and renowned universities.


While the environmental impact of vehicles such as cars and helicopters can be considerable, thanks to breakthrough engineering, drones are perfectly suited to support projects and research work without disturbing the environment.

Through the use of modern materials such as carbon fibre our aerial platforms can take off and land even in highly sensitive areas, without damaging the surroundings. Even under maximum load the highly efficient electric motors are very quiet, preventing any impact on the environment.